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by jack on December 24, 2011

sausage-making-suppliesFor sausage makers, pork back fat is one of the most coveted and sought after sausage making supplies. This is because it’s the absolute best type of fat to use in sausage making and no other type of fat can adequately replace pork back fat for making sausages. It is unsalted fat, and is also called fatback and barding fat. Just as the name implies, pork back fat is the fat that runs along a pig’s back.

As far as cooking goes, there are two types or layers of fat that run along the a pig’s back. One layer is adjacent to the muscles or bones of a pig, the other layer is adjacent to the skin on a pig’s back. The fat adjacent to the skin is where the true pork back fat can be found, going deeper into fat towards the muscle, the quality of the fat for sausage making will decrease.

Pork back fat nutritional information – sausage making supplies

Based on a 1oz serving size

Total calories – 230

Fat – 25 grams

Carbohydrates – 0 grams

Protein – 1 gram

Why so good is in the fat flavor- sausage making supplies

Pork back fat is so good because it gives sausage a very strong unmistakable flavor and aroma. Also, this type of fat is considered “hard fat”, this hard fat is very distinct from the “soft fat” found throughout much of an animal’s body. Hard fat is a very robust, concentrated type of fat that cooks up well. If you have ever ate high quality, great tasting sausages, you may have noticed little white specks throughout the sausage. These white specks are the result of using pork back fat.

Hard to get – sausage making supplies

Finding a good slab of pork back fat to use in sausage making is not always the easiest thing. Earlier it was said that there was really no substitute for pork back fat. While this is true that that doesn’t mean nothing will substitute for it. If you can not find this type of back fat, the next best types of fat to use are leaf lard or salt pork. Leaf lard is the fat found around the hog’s kidneys and salt pork is the fat from the belly of the pig which has striations of meat running through it.

If you have a choice between leaf lard and salt pork, choose leaf lard.

How to find pork back fat – sausage making supplies

If you purchase pork loin or pork butt the fat around these types of meat is in fact pork back fat. You could trim the fat off these meats and store it in the freezer until you have acquired enough. But acquiring enough back fat this way is a slow process and the trimming will be quite a chore.

You can contact butcher shops and inquire about the fat they trim off their pork loins and butts. You may get lucky and find a butcher who is will to store it in the freezer for you or one that might give you a call the next time they are butchering a hog. Many times the butcher will even give you the fat free of charge.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area close to a livestock slaughter house you may even want to contact these people.

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