Making Juicy Sausage at Home

by jack on August 23, 2012

Nobody sets out to make dry sausage at home. It’s a waste of time and money and serving dry sausage to serve to guests. Your best friends may not care but those we are trying to impress definitely will.

Maybe not to your face, but without a doubt they will go home and talk about you and your disgusting dry sausage.make sausage at home

I assume most experienced sausage makers are already aware of this tip for making juicy sausage every time. But here is a tip that beginners will want to follow.

How do you make sure each batch of sausage you make at home doesn’t turn dry?  

Maybe you’re a smart beginner, who has asked questions from people you thought had a clue?

I hope they told you to inject water into your sausage casings once they have been stuffed with meat. Did you go buy a syringe yet? Have you been pumping water into your sausages?

I hope you were given this advice since it’s the completely wrong way to ensure the sausage you make comes out nice and juicy.

Or maybe another person was talking about the amount of fat you use? Using the right amount of will ensure your sausage cooks up nice and juicy.

Well, if the person you asked spoke to you about fat, this is a better answer compared to injecting water into your stuffed casings.

But this is still the wrong answer for juicy sausage making results. Why?


Injecting plain ordinary water, this will evaporate so quickly during the cooking process.

Using the proper amount of fat can help with juiciness but fat predominately added for flavor.

So what’s the answer? 

Here is a list of a few different sausage making supplies you should have handy in order to make juicy sausages.

  • real apples
  • artichokes
  • chilies
  • artisan cheeses
  • fruit juices

Are you confused why these supplies would help with juiciness? All of these items contain water. But unlike injecting pure water, the water contained in these items are more protected from evaporating while the sausage is cooking.

Of course don’t just throw a whole apple into your meat mix. Chop apples up fine. And mix throughout the meat before stuffing.

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