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Thank-you for visiting our sausage making supplies site!!! This site is dedicated to our grandfather who introduced and taught us about this wonderful, delicious and very satisfying hobby back in the 1960′s.

Since you found our site we have to assume in some way or another you are interested in sausages!!! Are we wrong? Well, we have a lot of different information related to this meaty treat on our site. From supplies you need to make it to different recipes you might want to give a try. So take look around.

Below you will find interactive charts that lead to reviews on the different supplies and equipment you may need including: Sausage stuffers, meat grinders and BBQ smokers, the best casings, spices, BBQ sauces and a recipe here and there.

Sausage Stuffer Sizes and Reviews

Below is a chart listing different sausages stuffers, of various sizes that we would recommend. Our recommendations come from either our own personal experience and satisfaction or through good reviews from friends who have owned these models

Made From
LEM Products 5 Lbs. Sausage Stuffer
LEM Products Company5 Pound StufferVerticalMetal, Stainless Steel, Plastic.

All Metal Gears.
Plastic Pistons
Sportsman 11 Lbs. Stuffer
Sportsman11 Pound StufferVerticalMetal, Stainless Steel$147.737YES4.5/5.0
LEM Products 10 Lbs. Sausage Stuffer
LEM Products Company10 Pound StufferVerticalMetal, Stainless Steel, Plastic.

All Metal Gears.
Plastic Pistons
Kitchener 15-Lb. Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer
Kitchener15 Pound StufferVerticalStainless Steel Construction and All-Metal gearsFrom $209 - $230YES4.6/5.0

Company that makes the Best

Sausage stuffers come in a variety of sizes (3, 5 10, 20 lbs and more) and there are more than a few companies that produce these different sizes. What’s very common is a certain company may make a great 5 lbs sausage stuffer but the rest of the sizes they manufacture will be sub-par.

We may be a little bias but we honest believe you can’t go wrong with the LEM Products companies, at least in the 5 and 10 lbs sizes. These models are extremely durable, study and very easy to use. And when you are done, they also seem to be much easier and faster to clean compared to other 5 and 10 pound models.

Meat Grinders for Home and Commercial Use

Whether at home or helping at one of our friends restaurants, we have been grinding meats for decades and have experience with many different models of grinders. Use the chart below to see what we recommend:

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